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    Done for a fellow club member
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    a few months ago someone asked about a song .in the video they said there was a camaro at the beginning and the band turn into teachers.i v`e just seen it on scuzz. `it`s called stange generation and it`s by dirty americans
  3. History Archive
    As most of you know Santa Pod was RAF Podington in WWII. The USAAF called it Station 109 The longest residents were the USAAF 92nd Bomb Group with 4 squadrons of B-17's , from Sep. '43 to June '45 during which time they flew 300 combat missions. Here are a few short colour films of life on the...
  4. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Dont think this guy will go the distants, 30 years ago where is he now.:incheek::D
  5. History Archive
    Found on Pathe News Site.Amazing the amount of VW Bugs on the highway.
  6. History Archive
    I have found this pic on Time Travel. Its my Pop "Born to Run" that I ran in the Rover V8 class , its at Long Marston ( Shaky now) July feels like last year....:shake:
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    ... the outlook was bleak ... A day later and out of nowhere appeared a bright light in the sky. The people felt drawn to this light, compelled to begin the pilgrimage. As they drew closer the light became clearer until finally they saw ... ... ... Beneath this blazing icon in the sky...
  8. History Archive
    I was directed to this piccie by Time Travel ,Thruxton '83. Was it really that long ago ? Don't remember having hair that dark :sniff: Ray Austin is propping up my back wing next to his Firebird. I remember him telling me he couldn't get it to light the tyres up when he pulled away . Got the...
1-8 of 8 Results