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  1. History Archive
    I've been gradually going through my old albums, the oldest dating back to '75, when I first got into all this. I've decided that rather than keep posting new threads for each show or album, I'll just keep adding to this one as I scan them. Please let me know if you think this is a good or bad...
  2. Chat
    What is your top 10 fav' albums of all time ? Doesnt have to be in order, can be recent or's mine. Honky Dory - David Bowie Pornography - The Cure Quadrophinia - The Who God's own medicine - The Mission Meddle - Pink Floyd Love - The Cult Paranoid - Black Sabbath First and last...
  3. Chat
    Does anyone have the crusin 50 to 59 series on vinyl or CD....? I am after a sound bite from one of the albums for a project, one of the albums has a bloke saying " OOOOHH That makes me smoke ", I think it is on the " Crusin 55 " album, but not sure. I need to either copy the sound bite or get...
1-3 of 3 Results