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  1. Chat
    been reading a few other threads about bad experiences with either businesses or individuals and thought why cant we go some way into helping people choose who to use and trust by posting some good things about people. ive seen this done on a couple of american sites and it seems to work well...
  2. Chat
    Since the closing of the Immigration Camp in France at the mouth of the Channel Tunnel . Customs and Excise have been alerted as to a cunning plan to conceal immigrants in an early 50's Chevrolet. They have circulated this Photo and ask every one in the South East especially Folkestone, Dover...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    hi...dont know if i have put this in the right place:?: i am looking for a good upholsterer in the midlands to book a job in abt end of jan. i can deliver and collect, the material is hide...thanks :)
  4. On Topic
    Hi All, I'm a recent convert from the VW scene and I'm looking for my first Rod, unfortunately I'm not too sure of the different styles available. What do you call the style of rod that has been heavily chopped and channeled, similar to the ones below: More importantly, what can I expect to...
1-4 of 4 Results