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    No idea how to change the title of the bus' thread. Anyway, here are a pair of clips, one a joke , the other real..... The bus has started and engine runs. So now it is a 16V Zetec Transit. VIDEO CLIPS: IT'S ALIVE. 16V Transit : MOV00175.flv video by arthurdaley - Photobucket
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    lOOking for a 235 not a 215 side valve,for a friend to build up,so anything not too far gone.ta
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    Yee haa, after a six week off the road period, my 58 Cadillac is back up and running. The engine and gearbox have both been rebuilt by me, it drives superb, super quiet and you can only just tell it is running..... Boy I am good :incheek: No hassles or dramas, nothing broke, just lots of aches...
1-4 of 4 Results