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    ROCKABILLY LIGGY RockabillyLiggy - Homepage The place to find alternative artwork and accessories. Hello everyone, The new website has just been launched today! Click above link to go straight to site. 5% off Discount Code If anyone would like a 5% off voucher code for all purchases please...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, Has anyone fitted a more modern compact alternator to a P6 Rover V8? I could do with a smaller more compact more efficient on than the standard Lucas one. Any suggestions? & a Happy New Year to everyone, lets hope 2010 is better! :tup: Cheers, Lee :D
  3. Chat
    Going on from Lee and Garys threads re time taken to build their cars I wondered how many of us had a real idea of the time involved before we started ? So how long do you think it would take to build a basic ' tab a to tab b type' rod . Yes I know they are not that easy but what I mean is a...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Apart from solder, has anyone tried any "cold" methods of attatching radiator support rod bracket (steel) to the top of a brass radiator header tank?? If not I will have to resort to soldering and buy an Iron! Cheers Tug
  5. Chat
    Read that the Volvo used in the Saint was the second choice because Jaguar wouldn't give them the e-type they wanted. So this got me thinking, what if Milner couln't have a 32 or even a Ford, or the Dukes couldn't use a Charger and Christine wasn't a Plymouth. What do you reckon would be a...
1-5 of 5 Results