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  1. Tech Discussion
    I need to ID this plug on an alternator I have on the altered. I think it maybe from a Mitsubishi, it's a 40AMP or so very small unit. I need to buy the plug for it ? any ideas ?
  2. Tech Discussion
    Fired my engine up for the first time last night, which put a big smile on my face :-), so thanks for the wiring advice I've had here already. I have one more question though. I noticed that my red dash light for the alternator charging didn't go out when it was running. I took some pics of...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Can someone please confirm the correct wiring for an alternator? My "understanding" is that the large terminal gets a permanent 12v feed. The smaller one gets an ignition feed, which goes through a dash warning light, which will go out when the alternator spins? Thanks guys Mark
  4. Tech Discussion
    I've got a 1.6 petrol transit with a starting or charging problem. Fully charged the battery but the van would not start just a click click sound from the starter motor, so I started it up with a jump starter and it started up fine, left it running for a while then switched it off and tried...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I'm running what looks like a seventies internally regulated alternator on the Chevy, probably about 60 amp output. Basically works fine except for one small hiccup the other day. There was no charge showing on the voltmeter until i'd done about 5 miles. I drove at a 'brisk pace' to try and...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    to suit Pinto please.
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Just had a single wire Delco alternator reconditoned only to find it is no longer needed. 63 amp. Will attach to either side of the engine. £55 [email protected] Please email rather than reply here, as I don't check in very often. Ta.
  8. Tech Discussion
    Hi, got a 1 wire alternator to wire up, googled it and discovered that they don't have a 'dash light' igntion on facility!? Is that right? I got the alt by default, so will have to get over the dash light glitch. I do have an ammeter dial in car so will have an idea of charge etc. So does that...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, Has anyone fitted a more modern compact alternator to a P6 Rover V8? I could do with a smaller more compact more efficient on than the standard Lucas one. Any suggestions? & a Happy New Year to everyone, lets hope 2010 is better! :tup: Cheers, Lee :D
  10. Tech Discussion
    ill put this in here to save Si having to move it later,:incheek: what size of battery will i need for my V4 engine? im only going to have the bare minimum of electrical equipment in the car, front and rear lights and a few dash gauges.. also would like it to be a compact unit so it dont take...
  11. Tech Discussion
    I would like know please If I was to change to an alternator what other things I would have to change And actually is it worth doing what advantages does it bring everything works at the moment so why change it? :tup: :tdown: :tup: cheers Mick :bigsmile:
  12. Tech Discussion
    I have a 305 out of an 80s Firebird and I need a little help with the alternator. I know I could probably work this out, but I'm having a bit of a thrash to get the thing running for Sunday. So I have a fat black wire, a fat red wire, a thin black wire and a black wire with a capacitor on the...
  13. Tech Discussion
    I need to get an alternator for my engine (chrysler 360 ) this is a later engine that has a serpentine belt fitted as standard. so can I just get any alternator that has a matching front pulley or do I need to get one that is a bit more specific ? I have read somware about the fan has to rotate...
  14. Tech Discussion
    I have a one wire alternator but the wire has been spliced and I want to rewire it . What amperage wire can I use , just picked up some 27 amp wire from the factors , is this too low ? Cheers :)
  15. Tech Discussion
    lucas alternator on a rover3.5 it has 3 spades on the back on one side and 1 on the other side how should this be wired please.
  16. Tech Discussion
    I have an alternator on my truck, and the idiot light doesn't quite extinguish. It drops down in brightness, but still is dimly lit. I am assuming one of the diodes is gone. Anybody agree?
  17. Tech Features
    just a little tip, if you are not sure your alternator is producing a charge, hold a screwdriver to the back of it, if it is magnetic, its working! of course said alternator needs to be turning :doh:
1-17 of 17 Results