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  1. On Topic
    Hi all.... I'm suspicious that my V8 Capri isn't as good at cooling as it could be. It's using the usual Rover 3.5. It currently uses some form of VW radiator (possibly diesel Golf). Room is very tight. I'm tempted to pop in a fancy aluminium/alloy "race" radiator that promises the world...
  2. On Topic
    anybody know of a stockist in the birmingam area, and what would you expect to pay for aluminium sheet? and what would be the best gauge for interior door cards etc? paul :tup:
  3. Tech Discussion
    I picked this up today, the last owner had striped it back to the bare aluminium with paint stripper with the intention of repainting it, it has a few scratches etc but is in pretty good shape generally, i want to polish it up like they do with the American Airstreams. I've polished plenty of...
  4. On Topic
    I need some aluminium pipes tig'd together. Anyone recommend anyone friendly in the Essex area?
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Yo I'm after 2 nice aluminium conrods that have a main journal of 2 1/4". Maybe a topfuel conrod might do the job. Weird request I know but if you have anything let me know
1-5 of 5 Results