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    Thought this deserved its own topic, awesome photography almost looks computer generated but its real! Was looking through it for ages when i found it...
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    I have bought a few parts from summit in america over the past months, which has generally gone OK. Now, however, I am trying to buy an ignition set up from Daryl, at fastcoauto. For some bizarre reason, they wont take card payment, I'v had problems with paypal in the past, so dont have an...
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    very nice roadster on fleebay its in america though
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    As you might know about 54 original Models Ts are driving from New York to Seattle. One from every U.S. state plus 2 or 3 from out side including one from the UK. The driver of that one is Mick Kemp with a Model T bakers van. Mick has been in the rodding scene since 1975ish. Had Silver Surfer...
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    random road signs from the good old u.s.a ! :rule:
1-5 of 5 Results