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  1. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    Hey Folks, just dropped in to say Hi and glad to see this is up and running. I'll contribute more when I return from the States towards the end of next week but until then, good luck to all attending the Hot rods and thrills event at Kirkbride and look forward to seeing you all at the next event...
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    happy birthday mate...:tup:
  3. On Topic
    Poor Andy has a toughie up against Tony Shcumacher in the first round today. Andy qualifying with a 8.68et 72 mph. Tony qualifying 3.818et. Go Andy !
  4. Chat
    Red Victor has a piece on Eurodragster today -which is great,even better theres a link to RnS to see the full build thread !
  5. On Topic
    Just got home CC on the mat,had a quick squint through looks like Mr Fadster's got a peach of a feature:tup:Well done mate very well deserved,Bry
  6. On Topic
    was looking at his old 34 vicky in custom car as it has resurfaced with fenders and is now matt black, whatever happened to andy?
  7. Chat
    i jus sin andy saunders cruise past me local in that mettalic green t/bird on cowboy rake(not getting 2 technical am i for you)?
  8. On Topic
    Saw this slow Mo Video of Andy's T at the Pod last weekend, great little clip
  9. On Topic
    Further to the my piece in Custom Car that you may have read about Andy's collection going under the hammer last year. As follows. Press release regarding Andy Saunders Kustoms v RM Auctions. RM auctions have recently settled out of court with Andy Saunders of Andy Saunders Kustoms, for their...
  10. Chat
    Hiya, are you sorted now ? No e-mail from you ? PM isn't set to work on here for you ?
1-10 of 11 Results