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  1. Tech Discussion
    Whats the best pinion angle for hookin up ? In the consul i think i have too much as it wont spin the wheels (either that or not enough power) But it was starts to let loose half way through the rev range or was that due to the ladder bars ?
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Very good condition with very powerful handwinch and two yes two ratchet tie downs (chains ) totally refurbished a couple of years ago Advertised now here please call me on 07711 008951 only
  3. The Garage
    my anglia...... some years ago i had a plan, build a street fighter 105e, rover power, 5 speed, big i mean BIG! arches and wide wheels......then i went to uni... great nooo money not two pennys to rub :( 3 years later a job what joy :) however it was working/living 40 odd miles from the car...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi I,m setting the ride hight on my ford pop and i have a triumph IFS Is there a correct angle the bottom wish bone should sit at The IFS was connected to a chasis and i have a templet for the hole centres but not sure about the Angle Cheers Dez
  5. Tech Discussion
    is there a correct angle to mount a sbc engine and th350 box ? where do you take the level from ? any tips ? cheers rob
1-5 of 5 Results