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  1. Chat
    I want to be the first to wish Lizzy-pop a Happy Anniversary :tup: Heres to another 12yrs of happiness :D From your loving Hubbie :hug: (by the way you lot, thats me :pmsl:)
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Apparently coming up... is it this Saturday the 27th? Heard the magazines are gonna be there etc
  3. Chat
    Hi All, A few pics i took one sunday back in October 2008. Lola race cars are built in Huntingdon, for their 50th anniversary they had a 2 mile leisurly drive from the factory around the ring road and into the town centre. :incheek: Leisurly drive, yeah right. The pics are a little bit hit...
  4. On Topic
    HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY RODS`N`SODS :bigsmile: :) :drunk: :giggle: :woohoo: :whistle: :hug: :wave: :coffee: :tup: :rofl: :happy: R.H.
  5. Chat
    HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY RODS`N`SODS :bigsmile: :woohoo: :wave: :tup: :lol: :happy: :rofl: :coffee: :hug: :drunk: :whistle: R.H.
  6. On Topic
    Hello. Today is the 39th anniversery of me and my VW. My marriage lasted 9 years but me and Betsy are still together. I'll take her for a ride tommorow to celebrate. (My VW that is. Not my ex).
  7. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Happy anniversary to Ken and the 57 Mad They have been together now for 30 Years this November Some of do not remember but is was white before Ken had a slight bump For this point he was known as Crunchie Ken....:incheek: 30 years ........I look up to you Mate…….:tup...
  8. Chat
    Just want to say happy 2nd wedding anniversary to my lovely husband! Love you babe! XXX:hug:
1-8 of 8 Results