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    Has anyone got any recommendations for any car painters in Essex or local counties that has a good balance of quality and price?
  2. Chat
    In respect of this thread:- I am in need of the load of trailer to retrieve the Mustang from the impound, I know this is short notice but they haven't given me much notice before the charges start to escalate. I have bought a...
  3. On Topic
    Going to go to the Bedford Ouse Cruise on Sunday, via Market Harborough and the A6, anyone fancy a trip out??? Meet up somewhere on the way, or if you are in Leicester, my house at about 11-30...?? The cruise is at the Embankment pub in the centre of Bedford, starts at 1pm... Guy :tup:
  4. Chat
    After reading the thread about area meets, I thought it would be good to bet people in the Peterborough and surrounding areas to meet up. I was looking at possibly a monthly or weekly meet depending on replies. Firstly:- Who would be interested in this? Secondly:- Can anyone suggest a location...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    NOT "FOR SALE" - BUT "FOR RENT". Space in a Shared garage north Manchester, end of M66 area. This is a proper industrial unit in a semi rural town. Space for yank / rod / storage etc. Long term preffered. Shared with 5 similar minded enthusiasts. This is not a business (but is in a...
  6. Tech Discussion
    My mates got a '66 T'bird convertible and we've replaced the rear deck panel which means taking the top off below the rear window and around. He's looking for a trimmer who can make a NICE job of supplying & fitting new tack strip in existing channel,re-stretching the still fitted top and...
  7. Chat
    Hi All, Is there anybody from the Loughborough area going to the Swapmeet :?: If you are any chance of collecting a few bits from Johnny Best for me, Namely 4 x 5" headlights, a Willy's dash and a facet fuel pump. All items have been paid for, just need to be collected. Any help greatly...
  8. Vehicles - WANTED
    Hi All, I'm new to the site and looking for another project to keep me busy. Looking for a Morris Minor shell/project. Anything considered. Floors and running gear not required but must be easily transportable and have it's V5 log book. Prefer Essex/Herts area Thanks for looking.
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    :Dok not sure if this is in the right place seeing as iam being laid of in the next few weeks iam looking to put my pop into storage till after xmas at least so iam looking for a lock up or somewhere safe for it as i was just gong leave it at my workplace but thats gone tits up now and i dont...
  10. On Topic
    I am looking for any recommendations for a garage that can fine tune a chevy with a elderbrock dual quad set up.Thanks for your Help
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    May be a bit of a cheek, but could anybody in or around Clacton lend me a trailer for a day or two large enough to pick up a '32 roadster body? cheers:tup:
  12. Chat
    I keep getting phonecalls on my landline from people I don't know about my old Pop. Someone called Nathan is giving my number out. Do I know you from here/NSRA forum or have you got my number off someone else? Not too keen on having my number handed out, would rather you let me know first please.
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    Anybody from Ramsgate area know a Paul.M.Fennell trying to contact him believe he may have some details on my car. Cheers .
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    Have to say, i like this bit of the forum where you can talk about anything. I always come here first and have a look at what's going on. Not into football at all but enjoyed reading the Barca v Man U thread. Good to hear different points of view from people. Nice one!
  16. On Topic
    Any members living around the Billing area...whats the state of play regarding the recent weather around there.If the site is going to be a swamp like last year, I`ll skip it...the forecast for the week around northampton says rain all week:tdown:..I`m looking forward to going, but it`s just so...
  17. Chat
    i need a favour please :)
1-17 of 18 Results