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    Hi Guys we can carry out Laser Marking on all metals, most plastics, ceramics and rubber, for artwork or serialisation. we can mark up one off switches or dash backgrounds, Rocker covers etc just get in touch for a quote, we are based in the midlands, and can offer a while you wait service or...
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    I sorted the artwork a week or so ago for my old website as they've got a stand on at a local show this month. Does anything look familiar :D
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    Hi all I thought I would share this picture of my car with you. It was commisioned from another member of the Victory Wheelers who is far more talented than i ever will be when it comes to artwork. Other items of Martins hot rod related designs are also available here. Scroll down to the...
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    Hi I have just got my website up and going and would a appreciate any feedback Http:// Thanks for looking
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    Clever artists at work Steve
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    I did these last week, one is of a guys small frame vespa 50 special, the other is a large version of my avatar pic, both done on heavy grade watercolour paper using designers gouche paints. I can do cars, bikes, and rods if anyone is interested, and i'm not hard to pay!lol These are pictures...
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    Pinstriping on just about anything - if I can get a brush to it, I'll stripe it ! Auto portraits, concept drawings, cartoons, logos, tattoo design and lots more. See some of my work at Mail me at paul <at> Look me up on Facebook and MySpace - search for 'Tootall Paul'
1-7 of 7 Results