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    Hi Si, I sold a battery to ".pete." and as agreed in the thread i would donate the proceeds to Rods'n'Sods. :D Please could you credit LIL JOSH for the donation. :incheek: Cheque's in the post. :pmsl: :tup: Well it will be tomorrow...
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    Hi Si, I have bought a fuel pump for £10 from Jeff "Fozwanger". :tup: He has requested that rather than send the money to him i send it to RnS as a donation on his behalf. :D Cheque in post tomorrow, can you confirm once you have received it. :?: Cheers. Russ.
  3. Tech Discussion
    kev just sent visitor message to you ref cortina discs!!
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    Apple gave big speech today and Unveiled the new IPhone 3GS. This one has video and cut and paste etc......still no decent email though. On sale here June 19th at $199
1-4 of 4 Results