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    that painting is superb, what nice talent to have. si is that grill still in my trailer?:shocked:
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    OK folks, it's been a year since I last did this so it's time for another auction to raise some cash for Si to keep this place going. So, this time, with all the interest in Bry's fantastic restoration of Henry Hirise I thought that something Henry related would be cool. This is one of a...
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    With the 1066 Cruisers show coming up in August, we are once again looking for a few items to stick into our charity auctions that take place on the Friday and Saturday nights. In the past we have had magazine subs,T shirts, jackets, welders a push bike. We have had a full respray,drawings and...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Trying to gauge some interest in this,or if someone is interested in purchasing when we have taken a mould off it. The funds received would be useful to put towards the new build..:smoke: I need to know soon because if there's not enough interest then unfortunately it gets cut up,as i have no...
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    link to the classifieds
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    Link to the classifieds
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Ok Chaps, was going through the shed and I found a few bits that aren't worth a great deal, too good the throw out, and might be of use to someone. So I thought I would see if I could clear my shed, put useful stuff with people who can use it and raise a few quid for Help 4 Heroes al at the same...
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    Just seen this today in Lithgows auctions, Stokesley. The picture doesn't do it justice, its had a lot of good work done on it but the rear is damaged from being dropped whilst towing. Fresh gold paint looks nice otherwise.
  9. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Saw this advertised today on an auction site. I dont know if its good value, but I thought someone on here might like to modify it :tup: I'm not sure if the replacement engine might discourage a few buyers though...
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    just read this over on RR, thought i'd just steal the guys thread and post it here for you to read :D :tup:
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    The 'icons of speed and style' auction results have been posted by rm auctions here... Click on 'auction results' for the full list. Seems there were a couple of bargains to be had!
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    Lots of cool stuff in this auction on 19th Sept , although not very much of it looks to be worth saving :tdown:... . Select make of car in the box and hit search... .
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    Just spotted this upcoming auction in Kings Lynn. There's some nice looking cars up for grabs, including this Pop pickup Plus a 1937 Rosengart (???) 1948 Triumph 2000 1947 Morris 8 1964 OLDSMOBILE 98 PILLARLESS 4 DOOR SEDAN Only snag is that its £4.00 entry to get in...
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    A single owner collection to be auctioned at the Petersen Museum on 26th Sept , see anything you fancy ? - I'll take the Briggs Chevrolet LS6 convertible :smoke: List isn't complete apparently so check back again.... ...
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    Hi Guys, I know I'm new on here and I don't want to come in and rock the boat BUT, at our annual car show we host in August we hold a charity auction that raises us lots of monies to donate to various very needy causes. This year we are again helping out the local air ambulance ( a mate of mine...
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    Following on from the 1st auction held by Paul tootall, and won by Bry bigjob, there's a bit of an announcement. Bry has very generously paid for his win (putting a massive £120 into the pot :eek:) but decided not to claim the panel and has asked for it to be re-auctioned to generate more funds...
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    Hi Folks, in order to help Si out with the costs of hosting this place, and in a spirit of learning from past experiences... I am auctioning a pinstriped panel. In the same way as the auctions on the HAMB, all proceeds will go to Si to help fund the site. I'll let the auction run until May 12...
1-19 of 19 Results