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  1. Who are ya ??
    Hey y'all I have been a keen home mechanic for years and have always had interests in engineering. I was introduced to Rodding a few years back but have never had the time, space and funds for the real deal. Now after years of envy I may have the opportunity to start a project. I have a bit of...
  2. Chat
    Some interesting looking (could they be called RatRods?).. Is that a Pop in there??.
  3. On Topic
    has any one seen the new audi r8 roadster advert on telly ,i saw it last night thought id died & gone to heaven watching all thos rod n stuff . it was on youtube the add is called beauty and the beast
  4. Chat
    Just saw the Audi R8 ad on t.v didn't make the rods look bad. Jack
  5. On Topic
    Here you go... 'Our new television commercial ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ will air for the first time today. The advert showcases the new R8 Spyder, our stunning V10-powered high performance sportscar. The ad will be shown first during the Champions League semi-final on Sky Sports 2 at 7.44pm...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    For Sale: Genuine Vw Passat Estate Roof Rail cross bars . Genuine Audi A4 Avant Roof Rail Cross Bars. £50 EACH PAIR + Psotage ono. Tel : 07710 744964 Brian
1-6 of 6 Results