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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm looking for a dropped headlight bar for my 30/31 bodied Model A I'd prefer an original one that's been dropped to a used repop to a new repop...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    wtd 32 ford light bar tatty one please , want to cut one up regards Guy
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Help me fund my addiction for new shiny car parts please.. Its on ebay, if you're interested place a bid and be lucky:tup:
  4. On Topic
    As title, if the towed car has also a number plate board with lights from the the vehicle doing the towing, does this mean no tax mot etc is needed ? thanks
  5. On Topic
    brother in law calls, his mates looking for a tow bar for a late model Econoline, needs to tow a caravan,............anyone any ideas, or is it stateside direct cheers
  6. Tech Discussion
    Right im after bagging the back of my merc, lack of funds means im going to have to tackle this one myself, Right so all the interiors out and im getting ready to cut the floor out. once thats out i can get on measuring up for the c notch, and the 4 bar brackets. im planning on getting the 4...
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    bit of a long shot but looking for a tow bar for a vauxhall omega estate, if any one may have one lying around, thank you :D
  8. Tech Features
    Noticed this, and thought that it might be useful !. :D Cheers, Dave. :tup:
  9. Tech Discussion
    can anyone see any problems that may occurr if I go with this setup ? 002.jpg (96.0 KB)
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    anyone interested in bar neons brand new prices from £120 proper gas original glass neon. bud micholob millers etc. will post pics if the interest is there.
  11. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have 4 of 4 bar front brackets for sale these are made from 5mm steel and have 16mm holes as in picture. £30 plus P&P or collection from Ashford Kent 07773769478
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    what you got
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    anybody got a pair of brackets to bolt a diagonal link on to a 4 bar rear ? 5/8 x 5/8 mount holes or know who can supply ? rob
  14. Stuff - FOR SALE
    American police light bar, dont know if it works as rubbish with electrikery £60 07710578767
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    Had a tidy up and managed to loose the roll bar links and U shaped brackets that hold the roll bar to the clip. Anyone got these bits knocking around? Ta, P.:D
  16. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I now have the rear axle in and hanging and the front is bolted in too so I am looking for top tips on how to ensure the rear axle is in right/straight and how best to fit and setup the ladder bar kit. At the moment the chassis is on axle stands under both front and rear axles? The...
  17. Tech Discussion
    Need to replace the urethane bushings.Should I install them dry or give them a light coating of grease?
  18. Tech Discussion
    I have been mocking up my rear end to establish what I have to do with the chassis I am making and would like some advise from those that have done this before me. If you take a look at my picture you will see that the front 4 bar mount is in the vertical position this is how I have seen a lot...
  19. Stuff - WANTED
    I am looking for a couple of parts for my '32 setup: 6 spline open drive conversion kit for '39/40 rear axle Pete & Jake Ladder Bar Kit - Fits '37-48 Ford Axle with tapered housing What have you got? Fell free to PM me.................. Thanks Michael
1-20 of 20 Results