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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Guys and Girls, I'm after either a workshop or some form of car storage facility in the Ipswich area that i can put my project car into and be able to work on it during the inclament weather. Ideally i would like something that i can get access to anytime within reason to work on the car, and...
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    In 1940 VIN *30231403* was built by proud American workers in Detroit, Michigan, one of 84,976 Dodge D-14 DeLuxe four-door sedans manufactured in that year. A veterinarian from Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, purchased the blue Dodge new at the local Dodge dealer in Boise. He used it to respond to calls...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    here are just a few of the parts i have avalble this is just from one box of many to sort out all parts are gen. chevy 55 bel air , and not old jap crap copys please bid me a fair price for the following 1 x pair tail lights inc. trim and lens etc 1 x gas filler cap surround 1 x 'bel air'...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    just started to give the barn a clear out and then realised that there is a lot more parts than i first thought so over the coming weeks i will list all bits avalible new ford items model a 28-31 1 x water pump rebuild kit £15 1 x starter motor rebuild kit £20 1 x front spring ubolt kit...
  5. Chat
    i love all those pictures people take when on hoilday in usa of old cars in barns or fields can we start up this , lets see those pictures , any 5 window 32 been found , i remember years ago a vw combi van with a tree growing out the roof wished i had a picture of that, so dig out the barn...
  6. On Topic
    wish i found this on my property............ possibly a repost but still
  7. On Topic
    Been watching this gradually return to mother earth over the last few years , have stopped by loadsa times , left notes , but no reply`s , house now for sale so am trying to persuade estate agents that I can save them money by taking whats left away ! last taxed 1991 , rumour has it that it had...
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    It moved! :D
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  11. History Archive
    This is the car that was found in storage with a 427 Galaxie... the guy must've been a serious speed freak importing a 2 year old Yenko Camaro :smoke:
1-11 of 11 Results