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    Just like to say what a great night it was at the king of hot roddings birthday bash, Julie,Sue and myself really enjoyed it as im sure everyone there did, we would like to wish terry a very happy 60th and many more years of hot rodding to a very good friend of many years
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    hi....just a thought...i dont think enough goes on in this country regarding the hot rod scene thers certainly room for more,so how about considering a r&s bash! surely there is enough people on this site to make it happen. wot do you think ?...:D
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    Bry's asked the question so would you be interested ? The thread is over in the On Topic bit --> I'll lock this one and keep bumping to make sure all the replies are in the one place :tup:
  4. On Topic
    Following on from the Outlaws christmas "do" thread,would it be a good idea /would you attend a RnS christmas bash ?(obviously for next year).........Where would be the best place to hold it ?,Bry
  5. On Topic
    Anyone got any pictures of Coventry Cruisers Bosworth Bash last weekend that they could post up. Thanks, RR.
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    what a fantastic weekend we had at the bulldog. the outlaw anglias had been invited to put on a few demo runs for the fantastic crowd. so were asked to go along and we were happy to go, previous years the track hasnt been great at that meeting but this year was a differnt story. first run on...
  7. On Topic
    Hi all. just a quick post from the commentary box at Shakey Raceway to say that one of the ex Sammy Miller Vanishing Point Rocket funny cars is running here this weekend. a shakedown run over the 1/8th by David Pertue from France netted a 3.480 @ 179 mph. He is going for a full quarter pass...
  8. On Topic
    Thought i would start this by asking who's going? me and the Mrs wil be taking the dragster to show in the custom tent and also ill be crewing on my mates STG Harley. apart from next to fuckall ill be chilling out and seeing and hearing all the wonderfull sights and sounds of the bulldog...
1-9 of 9 Results