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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I'll be going to the Rot Rod Drags (if it's not pissing down). Seriously heavy duty battery cables, complete with battery connectors. The cables are 20mm external diameter but are surprisingly flexible with a silicon insulator. The terminals on the end of the cables have a 10mm diameter...
  2. Chat
    well think i know but lets see going to fit a battery kill switch now if im going to do it propperly would i have both power cables from the alt going to the battery as if i leave it as one cable to battery(switch at positive) it would still run on thru the alt correct or no and i got just...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    None of my batteries i the garage are holding their charge. I don't really want to pay £50 for a new one for a car i'll only get to drive probably once every few weeks. It's for my mk2 Cortina 1600. Something close to Peterborough would be ideal.
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I need a battery for an '87 2.3 4 pot Mustang. The thing is what size, cranking amp, etc, should I be looking to get? Cheers, Stu.
  5. Tech Discussion
    I've got a 1.6 petrol transit with a starting or charging problem. Fully charged the battery but the van would not start just a click click sound from the starter motor, so I started it up with a jump starter and it started up fine, left it running for a while then switched it off and tried...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Right, got everything sorted for the weekend, was given another battery today that is showing 13.5 volts, but tried it out tonight and it hardly spins the motor over... I know it's only got 'temporary' wiring in it atm, but what am I doing wrong??? Got an old pair of jump leads cut up and...
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, Does anyone have a decent Car Battery for sale, somewhere in my area ?. I live in the Wednesbury Area of the West Midlands, dont mind driving a few miles to pick one up !. I know it might sound like I`m being a Tight Git, :wanker: but its for my other half`s Fiat Punto, and I/we are...
  8. Tech Discussion
    i hate wires - help please !! a mates modern daily (sorry guys) has just started draining the battery overnight (its an 02 renault laguna diesel) we charged it up and tested the voltage whilst running - 14+ v with lights/heater etc on, and once its running it drives, starts, stops as normal all...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Need a new one for my daily driver after it tried to kill me yesterday by conking out on a roundabout. :eek: Halfords do an insulated one and a braided one. Any thoughts as to whats best? Does it make a difference?
  10. Tech Discussion
    ill put this in here to save Si having to move it later,:incheek: what size of battery will i need for my V4 engine? im only going to have the bare minimum of electrical equipment in the car, front and rear lights and a few dash gauges.. also would like it to be a compact unit so it dont take...
  11. Freebies
    Hi All, FIRST OFF THIS NEEDS TO BE COLLECTED FROM HUNTINGDON CAMBS. In fairness to everybody/anybody if you are interested in this item please reply on this thread in the first instance (1st come 1st served basis) if you have any Qs my phone number is at the bottom. This has only been offered...
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    brand new never charged ingersoll rand battery impact gun £290 plus post 145-15 x 2 wore more on 1 edge but otherwise ok £70
  13. On Topic
    I'm after a good 15-20AMP battery charger, anybody seen a decent deal anywhere, Macro or similar ?
  14. Tech Discussion
    I'm looking for a decent + battery post which can take 2 heavy gauge cables, can't find a decent one to do the job other than one with stud, anybody seen anything that'll do the job ?
  15. Tech Discussion
    I've got an Optima Red Top sitting in the back of the gasser which is going toi need a charge ready for the final work. I read somewhere that you needed a specialist (Read Expensive) charger for Optimas. Is this right and if so is there an alternative?
1-15 of 15 Results