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  1. What, Where, When ?
    we are doing the bsc show at battlesbridge show ground again this year on the 19th & 20th june 2010 . same format as last year for the st lukes hospice. can we count on your support please . no need to book just turn up. ALL FORDS are stands if you want them thanks nigel
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Battlesbridge next Sunday, be there or be square. May take the truck with the 'make up' from filming, or maybe the coupe mmmmmmmm?
  3. On Topic
    We have just got back from this. What a great show! :tup: We turned up a little late but managed to get Henry in the show and even won a trophy! Highly Commended. :D We came back from a little walk around to find a rosette and a note on his screen to go to the prize winners arena. I've...
  4. What, Where, When ?
    16th August Sunday. Battlesbridge, Essex. Antiques Centre.
  5. What, Where, When ?
    Old Ford Day at Battlesbridge this Sunday
1-5 of 5 Results