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  1. What, Where, When ?
    SEAFORD`s MOTORFEST ! Sunday,August 23rd, Beach, Band`s ,burgers N kool kars ! FREE ! August 23rd 2015, see`s the return of the Seaford Motorfest . Held in the Martello Fields, Seaford , ( between Brighton and Eastbourne, East Sussex . BN25 1JH ) opposite the unspoilt beach , and Martello...
  2. On Topic
    Here are some Pictures from a trip LA ,that I took In March as you would expect the weather was great, I was all worn out when I returned , I asked myself the question why did I not go in April , when all that ash is in the air , trip would have been extended somewhat. Anyway back to the...
  3. Chat
    got a text off a friend yesterday saying there was a cruise on at the local beach carpark, i am at all the hotrod cruises around the area, and there was still some nice cars out at what i was told was a chav meet. here are my pics
  4. On Topic
    Have a look on BBC4 now guys :tup:
  5. Chat
    Hi anyone know anything about these cars. They are not really my bag but am always interested in these little companies that did oddball things. It was one of the directors cars who donated his 1000bhp hemi car engine noise to the car in vanishing point as it was a none hemi car in the...
  6. Chat
    who wants to be on this beach today?
  7. Chat
    Kite boarding anyone? How to get some hight:eek:
  8. Chat
    Heres a couple of pics from the Seal Beach show this Sat
1-8 of 8 Results