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    Super nice and reliable 351W engine for sale. It has been in the dyno and made 370 HP at 5100 rpm (full documentation). The engine has done 3000 miles since build, and it has only the best parts: - 1995 5.8 L block painted black - Ported and flowed Trick Flow heads - Hydraulic roller cam...
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    Mum and Dad
  3. On Topic
    not sure if it's a repost? addmittedly,most of the stuff in them is exotic european stuff, some US muscle and rods though, after looking here you sort of lose enthusiasm to go out to your tin roofed pre-fab at the bottom of the garden:sniff...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys. I'm getting to the point where i've got to seriously start thinking about sorting the minor bodywork issues on my 65 el Camino. So I'm after some advice/recomendations for a good bodyshop in the North Surrey/ SW London area. I'm willing to travel a bit further for the right shop...
1-4 of 4 Results