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bedford cf
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  1. The Garage
    hey thought id post about my project as an introduction. ive got a bedford cf im putting a rover 3.5 V8 in. ive build a few bikes in my time but this is my first go at something with 4 wheels. bought it cheep off of a mate whod just picked up a american van, the bedford had been around europe...
  2. History Archive
    I was reading some Lotus history, in 1968 they mounted a Lotus head to a Vauxhall block - the LV220, this 220bhp Tecalemit-Jackson fuel injected engine was used in the prototype Lotus 62 Europa: Then in 1969 they tested a prototype 147bhp road versoin of this engine called 905s in a Bedford...
  3. On Topic
    Both were for sale over here, one is now sold anyone recognize them ? bedford cf 350 van for sale in Kilkenny - 76 bedford cf mk1 for sale in Meath: €750 -
1-3 of 3 Results