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  1. The Garage
    hey thought id post about my project as an introduction. ive got a bedford cf im putting a rover 3.5 V8 in. ive build a few bikes in my time but this is my first go at something with 4 wheels. bought it cheep off of a mate whod just picked up a american van, the bedford had been around europe...
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Now sold, thanks.
  3. The Showroom
    had J type 17 years it came from cornwall, still got the original brown logbook for it. Driven daily been all over the country in it. cresta before work comenced. went mad one weekend. almost ready for paint.
  4. Vehicles - WANTED
    Wanted!! Early Bedford CA Panel Van, Workobus or Utilabrake. Preferably split screen model running or not. Will consider any model with enough information and/or photo's etc... Got one? Know of one for sale somewhere? Any info appreciated! :tup:
  5. Tech Discussion
    Can you help i am thinking of getting a bedford ca splitscreen.Any idea what wheel cylinders would fit as the early cylinders are quite rare i had a few bedfords before but they only plod on and this time i would like a little mor power.Then what diesel engine do you think would be good to...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, Has anyone got a Steering Wheel in a Non-Standard Stylie which will fit a 1984/5 Bedford CF2 SWB Van ?. Or, if not, any idea where I might find one ?. Dave. :tup:
  7. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Does anyone want to buy my 1964 bedford ca van (see photos below)? I bought it last august to try to combine classic cars and family holidays but unfortunatly i was made redundant 2 weeks after i bought it, and with the money, sadly the enthusiasm has dissapeared too. It has 12 months tax...
  8. On Topic
    Quite a few cars from 'out of area' joined the regulars at Bedford today :tup: ...
  9. The Showroom
    Had this CF just over a week,Few little problems nothing major.She's running a 3.9 fuel injected rover v8 on auto box,Going to be using here while I am building my pop.
  10. Tech Discussion
    Just bought this van running a 3.9 fuel injected rover v8 on auto box,with standard CF rear axle,feels like the gearing is to tall as doesn't pull very well ok once it gets rolling . Any advise on whether to change rear axle to jag irs and what ratio. steve
  11. History Archive
    Ok, im just clutching at straws here, im not expecting much feedback on this one cos the only one i remember is the baldy van. So... over to you lot. cheers. paul
  12. The Garage
    Hi all, after coming to the conclusion the 1.8 in my camper was not only lacking on power but mega thursty on fuel, I decided to squeeze a V8 in there 8). At least then it can be thirsty as a greater speed than 40mph. The plan is to fit the V8 with a chevy rear axle as close to 3.5:1 as I can...
  13. Vehicles - WANTED
    looking for a v8 bedford cf, not to worried about body as long as mechanically sound' mot would be a bonus.
  14. The Garage
    Hi all, Im new to this sit but been into custom vans for years. Wonder if anyone can help me find more info on my new project, Its a bedford cf1 registered in 1970 and think the van was customized in 1977, only 3 owners but thats all i know at the minute. Ive started stripping the van for...
  15. History Archive
    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of any bedford ca vans that have been modified over the years, having one myself asks the question really and when i think about it, the only one i can remember is the red rover v8 powered one that was featured in june 1993 custom car. cheers. paul
  16. Tech Discussion
    Could anyone tell me the pcd for a bedford cf Is it 5 x 6 ? Do wheels interchange with ANYTHING else
  17. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Hi all, Spotted this on Ebay. Its a very early MK1 CF, which really deserves to be rescued !. Cheers, Dave. :tup:
  18. History Archive
    i think it was cbs,a bedford cf with box style arches red and black .has any one got any pics to post,also 100+jag and what happened to them
  19. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Folks, I am on the Lookout for a nice set of Alloy Wheels for the 1985 V8 Custom CF Van I am having built. There are actually a "Half Decent" set of Black Alloys fitted at present, but I am on the lookout for something like a nice set of Chrome Torq/ue Thrust`s, Cragars or Appliance`s, or...
1-19 of 27 Results