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    Its a bit of mad house in doors so ive come in the garage to prep my car for a show. Ive got a nice bottle of cold beer on the go, the Radio is on and finaly ive got some piece. Tell ya what sometimes its the only place to relax for me. So who else out there finds them selves in same boat??
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    Right, getting pissed off with the beer gut. Just been to buy a new suit and I'm up to a 38in waist, always been pretty fit but over the last 5 years I've just stacked on about a stone and half. I struggled to get into my race suit last year, this year I'll have no chance. I sit on amy arse...
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    Dont know if anyone has seen these before. Im posting some pics I got recently. Talented person I'll say..... enjoy
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    Click Below ...
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    Why do they all seem to look hotter after a skin full of beer?
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    Better than chucking them in the recycle bin!
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    Forget Smart cars - motorised beer crates are the way forward :tup:
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    The trick is to drink it fast..... not hold it Click >> Bob...:smoke:
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    And a quick round of Happy Birthday for roadrunna! Drink up Si - the virtual beers will be adding up today!
1-9 of 9 Results