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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    As the picture and as new , dash trim with no holes other than the left corner has the hole for the head lamp switch . No hole for the radio or cigar lighter . Includes Gold speaker Bel Air badge. I took this out of my car tonight so it is used but it is in extremely good as new condition ...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hi now my 56 is nearing completion i will be selling all my spare parts that i no longer need. 1 pair of good solid front wings....both imported from the states, one is very very good, one has had the eye brow replaced at some time.. BOTH SOLD SOLD SOLD 5 pce front bumper. No bumper irons...
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    Vehicles - FOR SALE
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    Vehicles - FOR SALE
  5. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Not sure to put this here or 'on the shelf' ? I know this is a model, but how bloody cool does this look. Makes you wonder why it wasnt factory ? Sure I've seen pics of 1;1 scale somewhere. I've got a resin roof section, to convert a 1;25 kit, dunno if it will come out like this tho ?
  6. Freebies
    This is the one that joins up with the front fender moulding for the passenger side , has one very small ding and needs polishing otherwise ok . If you need this for the cost of the postage reply to this post and PM me your address . 1st come 1st served
  7. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
  8. The Showroom
    This is Bella Lugosi........ This is Bel Air Lugosi........ Do you see what I did there? Anyway...... Moving on! Long n short of it is, I bought a bare scrap, rotten shell and loads of rusty broken bits in boxes. 3 years later I had this.
  9. On Topic
    This test was for IIHS's 50th year anniversary in the safety research business!
  10. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Have a look at these babys, all for sale now in in the UK, Check out my website for further details and pics. Russ 07980 416785
  11. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Change of circumstances means my newly acquired 1955 Chevy Bel Air is up for sale :sniff: : Bodywork and chassis are very solid, underneath has been zinc primered to protect it there is a couple of rust patches in the footwell where water has leaked in through the front doors but it is surface...
  12. On Topic
    Hi All , Anybody here own a 59 or 60 Biscayne or Bel Air ?, I need a pic of the rear windscreen mouldings if possible please . My mate needs to get a new rubber for his 60 Biscayne 2dr sdn , he cut the old one to get the screen out but it was so long ago he can't remember what it was like...
  13. On Topic
    Does anyone know where i can source the trim pieces needed in the picture below? 1959 Chevy Bel Air,just under windshield. Lets in loads of water without them,both sides needed.....anyone any ideas? And the beautiful creature in all her glory... Cheers
1-14 of 15 Results