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    Looking for someone who can put a couple of shallow (15-degree) bends in 2.5" steel pipe. I live near Newmarket but also travel to Ipswich quite regularly, so any recommendations...? :tup:
  2. Tech Discussion
    Can any one tell me the theory etc for bending tube. I want to bend a piece of 22mm tube by 11 degrees and want to know if the pipe will stretch when I do this. I know there is an equation when you bend flat sheet/bar metal so am hoping someone will be able to advise me. The reason being I want...
  3. Tech Discussion
    anyone got the facilities to bend sheet metal with a metal brake let me know
  4. Tech Discussion
    I have decided on a new Butterfly wheel for the T and started to design my own. I have knocked up a pattern which i'm really happy with and off to buy some Ally sheet tomorrow. I've sussed a method of actually bending it in the right places and what i'll use but would like some advice. Some of...
  5. Tech Discussion
    ??? I guess this is the wrong place to ask (sorry roadie :tup: ) .. and this might get moved .. but ! the mini build got me thinking AGAIN ! about how to bend tube for chassis / roll cages etc what is the absolute minimum/cheapest equipment you need to bend good size sturdy tube ? ta Rich :D
  6. Tech Discussion
    I need to make up an exhaust system or 2 and some headers. I've seen the drybolic type pipe benders with a bottle jack in them, and seen them used on normal exhaust pipe and they dont bend the pipe they just fold it wich is obviusly no kin good:tdown:. So what pipe should I be looking for ( cds...
1-6 of 6 Results