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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    bought this to use this summer but its really to big for my needs! 4 berth, aprox 4mts sq, 2 double beds, double burner grill, sink, storage drawers, new inner bedrooms, spare tyre + tube and a old chemical toilet. tows great. just been re-waterproofed £35 just looking for £350 have'nt got any...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hi All, I am selling my 2 berth caravan, it is circa 1967, it wouls be ideal to to wbehind a rod, it has a full awning although 1 of the poles requires re-riveting. It is in good condition and dry. 1 of the windows has a crack but this is flat glass so should be easy to repair. I will get some...
1-2 of 2 Results