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    I've just seen in CC for the first time the list of trophy winners. 3 BIB, top ten, Best in show ETC ETC!!!!!!!!! If BIB isn't pointless, then why wasn't it best in show (no dis-respect to the car, just the show) ? Is BIB a separate show to make the public think they are getting two show's for...
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    Hi All, :tup:These are the pics i took today, might have to load them a few at a time as computer seems to be running slow, probably needs a service :lol: Cheers. Russ.
  3. Bib

    On Topic
    Who won "Best in Britain" ?
  4. On Topic
    Just heard its going to be in Peterborough in October. With all the related forums now having the "garage section" who do you think will win this years award. Will it be the long awaited debut of the "Rocket" or could it be last years winner, Calum Andersons 34, only been won 2 years in a row...
1-4 of 4 Results