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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    For Sale - 4' x 3' x 1' Trailer Excellent condition, little used, need the space and cash for project Pop, hence sale. Tows superb and excellent size for camping kit to take to the Hot Rod Drags/shows, parts collecting. All electrics working fine, tyres like new. Drop down tail door, whole...
  2. Who are ya ??
    Hello all, Im new to all this so please be easy on me LOL... My parents went to Billing at the weekend (NSRA FUN RUN) and i was wondering if any of you took pictures of the Red and White (SuperCar #1) Bumper car. This is my dads and he wanted to know if anyone took any nice pictures of it as he...
  3. Chat
    well your art anyway... We're doing the artshow again and as usual we can't be doing it without things to show.. So any art, paintings, drawings, sketches, didgital art, photo's, pin striping, scuplture, airbrush etc you want to show off to the amased throng would be appreciated......we may...
  4. Chat
    Maybe i am missing something here that somebody could clear up. We are attending the main event at the pod and thought about going straight to billing ready for the fun run,so rang billing and got told £26 per night (electric pitch) i ask about the NSRA member discount of £5 per night and was...
  5. Chat
    Seems to be a distinct lack of anyone else mentioning it, so dare i ask if anyone else is going up this weekend...? Penni and myself will be going up in the trusty GMC, so was wondering if we're likely to meet any other R'n'S' members over the weekend....? Lookout for this bugger making a noisy...
  6. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    This is NOW THE OFFICAL BILLING CHAT SITE!...BY ORDER..( SPARTAN STRATY )..I want you all to get in a orderly que..AND..Sign your name IF ONLY YOU ARE GOING!!..NO FRIGGIN MESSERS..BECAUSE I HAVE A DREAM!!....AND its NOT the one where i woke up with a tent pole in my sticky wet pants...OK!...Its...
  7. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Look who I found !
  8. Chat
    I'm going to Billing in a couple of weeks for the AACI event. Can anyone who went last weekend tell me if security has tightend up re the sad thefts last year. And also I heard a rumour about having to put tickets on the tent and dashboard? Any truth? Cheers.
  9. On Topic
    any one have a photo of the coffe coloured coupe,i believe it was chopped with bbc in the front .. really understated on black steels.. think they were dirt trackers.. i luved that fair play ..
  10. On Topic
    I had my doubts about Billing, but I have to admit that it was brilliant this year. The pricing (Billing billing?) was a mess, but the site seemed much improved in many ways. Well done to the organisers. Here're some of my pics, more can be found at
  11. On Topic
    Here are yet more Billing pics from today The rest of them are here (over 200 pics) they start from the end of the day backwards!!! R.H
  12. On Topic
    Mine are here;
  13. On Topic
    Hi , we had a cracking day and took hundreds of pics on the showfield etc, but I thought I`d just post some of stuff on the move (most of em anyway). Thanks John
  14. On Topic
    Awesome weather and great cars :)
  15. On Topic
    Just found this on there Cheers Rich
  16. On Topic
    Some Billing Fun Run 2009 photos - first up my passengers...
  17. Chat
    Yup team we is runnin the Artshow at Billing again this year.....this is just a last reminder.....if you have said your gona bring stuff to exhibit then we are gona be at Billing some time Friday morning.....we will be on the far side of the show field under the NSRA gazebo looking pensive just...
  18. On Topic
    Any members living around the Billing area...whats the state of play regarding the recent weather around there.If the site is going to be a swamp like last year, I`ll skip it...the forecast for the week around northampton says rain all week:tdown:..I`m looking forward to going, but it`s just so...
  19. Chat
    Any ideas of a meeting point at Billing so faces can be put to names ? Maybe one of our traders will offer to put the kettle on...............
  20. Chat
    how many will be going to Billing from this forum
1-20 of 26 Results