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    I know this is a major stumbling block for most who are building to biva spec but what about chopping out a current front screen frame off a modern car or one that you can get the screens with markings on, and grafting it in to your project? Yes i realise that i might be a chore and might look...
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    Are there any biva books for idiots out there , you know the ones , janet and john style , pictures and explainations would be cool. if not could you write one please kapri and i would buy it :D. or how about a section on here with pictures of your cars that have passed the test , brake pipe...
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    It's been a good day today, along with Rich Days ,Rodbuilder on here ( 29 coupe failing on only minor items here's Tims Horsfalls 34 which has just passed its retest. Photos taken today as rolled of the trailer after retest .
  4. Licensing and Legal section
    As many of you know I too the Coupe for its BIVA test today at Taunton. Kris and I worked some hours over the weekend and finished about 9 on Sunday, we still had a few things that we were not happy with but the tight schedule was to get the car tested by the end of March before the exemption...
  5. Licensing and Legal section
    with all the talk of building to BIVA specs, are there any newly built cars by rodshops in the UK being built to BIVA spec or is it considered to hard to meet giving the style customers may require, and how are all these new rods being registered ?
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    How any would like the BIVA rules and regs put onto a facebook group? Just a suggestion
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    As part of research we ( ACE ) have found a source of made to pattern correctly marked EC43 spec glass . There is a minimum order that will require probably 5 or 6 people to participate. If anyone is interested can they PM me and I'll put you onto the rodder who has found...
  8. Licensing and Legal section
    Reading about the BIVA test is giving me a few concerns whether to go for it and keep me fingers crossed, or hoy in the towel now and cut my losses on building something and buying something already built and done pre '98. Anyone else having second thoughts?
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    Hi All, I have been offered a Trumpet Herald chassis with engine and running gear, if I was to fit a fibreglass body would it need to go through SVA, BIVA or what ever it is called these days? Or could I get away with a body swap? Cheers, Stu.
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    here is an official site with links to all the various biva rules (even trailers) ttfn glenn
  11. Tech Discussion
    being the sad type i am :shake: i downloaded the biva regs and have been having a look through them and a few stupid thoughts crossed my mind (not a long journey) i may be wrong (almost definitely) but a few people seem to have concerns over glass and it needing to be appropriately marked from...
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    ...on a very nice 34 Coupe :) It failed on about 30 points...huge gasps and cries of " told you it was impossible !" . Of those points 24 were inconsequential, well not to the tester but it was a wire here and there needing double wrapping , some washers adding or other method of bolt retention...
  13. Tech Discussion
    1) What speed rating tyres will I need on the with Coupe Nissan 200sx running gear 1.8L turbo? 2) Do I really need headlamp washers :roll: if so are some simple screen wash jets Ok and is there some stupid rule about bottle capacity? Thanks Rich
  14. Tech Discussion
    I have had a laminated screen and toughned side screens made for the coupe by an automotive glass supplier, I specified that they needed to be marked E 43R and gave him a copy of the relevent spec from the manual and he delivered them today with a paper sticker with just 43R stencilled out...
  15. On Topic
    For those that are interested the confirmed BIVA manual, for group M1 cars , is now available online ONLY and being used for testing .
1-15 of 15 Results