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  1. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    yo yo yo how is everyone, nice to be all on one site at last.missed catching up on goss cheers
  2. Chat
    an old guy whose t-shirt reads i am a motherfucker!
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    much better!
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    ... i've only gone and managed to beat Kev (kapri) :D :D Roadrunna - 1,710 posts kapri - 1,694 posts I'd like to thank my film crew, the director, everyone who's got me where I am today, the milkman, that girl in the petrol station that winks at me whenever I leave (although it may be a tic)...
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    Jeez, someone was looking down on him at the time :eek: *don't worry, it all ends good
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    Thrashing their car in the supermarket car park
1-7 of 7 Results