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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    new pcb display board for above machine retails over £212 plus vat, ordered the wrong one , mine is only a 201i ac/dc ,my loss your gain £150 . cheers skint vin
  2. Chat
    I need to get some business cards printed and, rather than go to one of the online lot, would prefer to put the business through someone on here. Not a massive order to be honest, 2 lots of cards art work 95% done (titles need to be changed) probably need a box of each. Let me know. P.:D
  3. Tech Discussion
    I wanted to make a FAKE tree .............and i know xmas is coming but the tree i want to make is one used at the drags Anyone have any ideas (i want it work as per the proper but with out the beams) ?
  4. On Topic
    Just to let you know, Certain areas of the MMA board are now open again for non members to read. I know some of you Chevy boys really missed it:incheek:
  5. On Topic
    I have been in touch with El Landlord and he's given me permission to announce that the Mopar Muscle Association Message Board is open again to non members, after being locked down just prior to the Mopar Euronationals. So if you need a fix of Mopar Muscle, you are welcome to pop in and have a...
  6. Tech Discussion
    I've been aske by a mate in NZ if the input shaft bearing retainer/ clutch release bearing carrier spigot on a Mk4 Zodiac is the same as the one on a Mk2 Zodiac. Anyone know?
1-6 of 6 Results