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  1. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know of a place in the UK where I can pick some up ?
  2. Tech Discussion
    Does anybody know what size/thread the bolts are for the bearing housing on the output shafts of the jag irs from an s type/ 420 g dif is please?
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I am geting new bolts for my torque converter/flexplate (haven't got the old ones), I have been asked what rating the torque converter it is. All I know is it is a standard one from an '86 Camaro. Can anyone give me the spec on it please? Cheers, Stu.
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi all. I need some education on UNC thread type bolts. My car has valve covers mounted with 1/4" unc bolts. Flat underside, domed head with a philips cross in it. Something like these, but shorter. How are these called? Recently I found some nice aluminum valve covers, but these require...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Okay gang, So, here's some bits and bobs from my parts stash, all unused and in packs, must be of use to some-one ARP Ford/Chevy Flexplate 7/16" bolt set. Part Number 200-2902. Dean's knock down price: £6 SOLD ARP Waveloc Rod bolts for 400SBC. Part number 134-6402. Dean's knock down Price...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    Has anybody got any spares caliper mounting bolts for a HA Viva that they would sell to me. I need all 4. Cheers Dave
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    i need a couple of chevy starter bolts . the ones i got are 4" and are to short for some reason rob
  8. Tech Discussion
    hi all im trying to get hold of some flywheel(flex plate) to crank bolts.i havent got any old ones . its to fit a borg warner 35 auto box to a rover sd1. ive tried rimmer bros and rpi.with no success yet.:shake: if anyone know s what size i need or where i can get some from please can you...
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone got an old jag irs kicking about under the bench? i need a pair of the 7/16 "short head" bolts for the radius rods, these are the ones that fit into the recess in the hub carrier, ta.
  10. Tech Discussion
    any one know the thread sizes of the sump bolts on a rv8 aut box,i think theres about 10 of them..thanks
  11. On Topic
    On this build of mine I am using a Pop font axle, but not the front member where the transverse leaf would initially attach. I am using the bolts but they are up turned. Can I use them like this?
  12. Tech Discussion
    need a bit of advice regarding big block chevy head bolts. according to a book on the subject when fitting the bolts i should use a sealer on the threads, i have a suitable sealer, a loctite product, however, other people say just use a light oil on the threads... i always thought that some...
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    I am after a set of engine to gearbox bolts for a Chrysler 360 dont need to be a full set just 4 will do to put engine on stand :tup:
  14. Vehicles - WANTED
    Hi i need some left hand wheel bolts.They have to be 12mm x 1.5mm taper 60 degree 25mm long.I need 6 and two locking ones.I went to have some chrome wheels fitted on my ford spectron 1990 mini bus.But on one side they were right hand thread no probs,but the left side was left hand thread.So he...
  15. Tech Discussion
    I am looking at getting some extended U Bolts made up by somebody at my work so that I can put some lowering blocks on the rear of my pickup. Is there a specific grade of steel I would need to get these made from. Cheers Rich
  16. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I need some bolts so I can bolt the TH350 gearbox to a 305ci Chevy lump, I was told previously that the size should be 7/16" unc, I bought them and they are too big, any ideas what ishould have? It might just be the thread size is wrong but I'm not sure. Whilst I am at it what size do...
  17. Chat
    does anyone know where i can get hold of bullet bolts (i need a lot of them)?
1-17 of 17 Results