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    i need a bit of advice on changing details on log book please pm a phone number if you can help and i will call you cheers in advance , rob
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Has anyone got the Mike Bishop & Vern Tardel Model AV8 book they no longer need?
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    Dunno if this has been posted before, but ain't it the truth... ;) Haynes: Rotate anticlockwise. Translation: Clamp with molegrips then beat repeatedly with hammer anticlockwise. You do know which way is anticlockwise, don't you? Haynes: Should remove easily. Translation: Will be corroded into...
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    I have this book for sale, it is written by tex smith and is titled, 'hot rod history book one. the beginning' it has 202 pages of unique history and photo's this is a great read, the book is in very good condition with only slight dog earing on the front cover, all the pages are there and are...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    If this is in the wrong section/inapropriate please feel free to tell! Im trying to get a book for my old man,Its by E J Potter,the Michigan Madman a guy who built V8 drag/demo bikes totally crazy! Ive tried so many places to get a copy for my dad as he saw him at Blackbusche in the 60's and...
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Rev counter in pod, a bit tatty. £10 Best of Hot Rod Magazine 1949-1959, 315 pages in good cond. £10. 4 copies of Hot Rod magazine June '64, Dec '65, Sept '66 and Feb '67. £3 each, or £10 the lot. All plus P+P
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    Met the wife in London yesterday so popped into Motor Books just off Trafalgar Square (the main reason i went) anyway bought this new book by the brilliant Peter Vincent whos photography is second to none! The guy understands cars!!!! Its more about the work shops but there are still some great...
  9. History Archive
    This is the car that was found in storage with a 427 Galaxie... the guy must've been a serious speed freak importing a 2 year old Yenko Camaro :smoke:
  10. On Topic
    Just got this through the post....highly reccomended.Available off Amazon
1-10 of 12 Results