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  1. On Topic this will keep y'all going...
  2. The Shelf
    while ive been waiting for the paint to harden on the comp entry i built this. Its from the remains of an Ala Kart double kit.
  3. Chat
    Follow the link to a street in Norway. There's 2 guys in diving gear sat reading the paper :D Click the arrow on the right to follow their journey down the street :D Link here
  4. On Topic
    ....this'll liven your afternoon up...
  5. Chat
  6. The Shelf
    heres a few of my got bored at work creations. all made from stainless steel crafted with nothing more than hammer grinder pliers and a good old tig set. (and a bead blaster and masking tape for the graphics)
  7. Chat
    So while i was sitting here watching my interweb world go by I thought id do a google map search for SANTAPOD and up it pop's but who are the lucky racers to have their pic taken on the start line ????? :smoke:
  8. On Topic you go...
  9. On Topic you go!
  10. Chat
    Proper Funny cars Just make sure you have several hours to spare
  11. Chat
  12. On Topic
    great set of pics here............. dosnt say anything here about me pushing the car liam? Sid.
  13. On Topic
    ...not now you won't....
1-13 of 13 Results