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    Ok this is not a rant even though it could be, how many self employed/ small businesses people are there on here,i run with my mother and brother a small skip hire and haulage company when i say small there's only us left, there were 7 of us last year,this week had to go to a meeting on the...
  2. Chat
    just been watching the one where they took the cobra rep for its sva test, am i the only one in the world that cant see the point in all that radius rubbish ?? the tester was 'checking' around the dash area, rubbing his 'head' simulation ball thing around on stuff saying crap like 'if we had...
  3. The Garage
    Many of you already know my car, but not many of you know how I made it what it is today. I have often been out and overheard people say things like...i wonder where he had that done or i wonder who built it for him. Well I have owned the car for about 5 years or there abouts and when I bought...
1-3 of 3 Results