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    Chris Evans has bought this car thru RM Auctions for a reported $25,000,000. Thats 25 million dollars. I'm thinking he could have bought 1,000 good Tri Chevys for that money.
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    Holy speeding hot rod, just got myself a TVR cerbera 4.5 V8 road eating monster. Its just like a home built rod. It rattles, nothing really fits, the wipers lift at 100+, shakes, smells of oil, the faster you go the louder the stereo goes, people do look (Blackpool plastic), the exhaust pops...
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    its one of these, needs work but its all there and rock solid!...:smoke: has anyone else got one or knows of modified examples?..
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    Following on from something Kev said in Si's post about dummy spitters, what have you bought when being trollied on the computer? Worst thing you can do i think is go on ebay, :tdown:. Thats when i bought my mini :sniff: What ya bought when ya been past rational judgement? :tup:
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    Hi all. Only reacently joined this site, and i've just bought a Kustom. The A50 that was on evilbay. Very excited. Don't know how i'm going to pick it up yet! AS it isn't taxed or mot'd. Anyone from bristol coming up to bedford in a low loader would be handy??? I allready have a few plans for...
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    1970 honda 250 k, cafe racer conversion, big bore 325cc kit, have a race style bikini fairing to fit, ordered some reverse cones, bit of fun....
1-6 of 6 Results