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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    hi anyone got a sbc and box for sale cash waiting cheers
  2. Chat
    or what i'm doing on my easter holidays:cool: after a suprise christmas pressie followed by a random conversation with a mate at a party recently, my lad and I have decided to build a go-kart (or soap box racer for our colonial cousins) the idea is to turn this:- into something resembling...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted a Th 350 Auto Box For 85-90 Camaro must be working. Cheers :D
  4. Tech Discussion
    any ideas on a compact pedal box for an sit up and beg pop..running rover v8 and autobox?? not happy with current set up and saw a few good looking set ups at wheels day but unable to speak to owners...would prefer bulkhead mounted as not too keen on vw type pedals .
  5. Freebies
    My wife has upgraded us to HD and they replace the box and I have the old ones if anyone wants them. Worked well before we changed. :)Wifey just needed something else to spend a few quid on each month!:shake: I'm in South Norfolk.
  6. Tech Discussion
    Right, the play in my steering box has been measured, and the play is 63mm after adjustement with a 14.5" wheel. So, long long story, complaint and appeal going to VOSA etc, the MOT man failed it and was a real dick about it claiming there should be no play, and it being American shouldn't be on...
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  8. Tech Discussion
    Does anybody know if a C4 bellhousing will fit a C3 box I'd like to plop one on the back of a Flathead and a C3 from a 3.0 essex would a nice inexpensive doner,coul even use the torqu converter, If I had to use a C4 the cost would be to much. Martin.
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand New Technical Details Capacity: 475Ltr Huge Size: 1970L x 760W x 360H (mm) Aerodynamic design minimises noise Includes fitting kit for quick & easy fitting Product Description Designed to fit both square and oval shaped bars including both manufacturer's original equipment and...
  10. Tech Discussion
    Van failed the mot on a few odds n sods. Play in the steering wheel was one. The play is definately in the steering box, so I adjusted it and it's a little better but still some play in there. So, is there play built into these or what? I wound the adjuster a little at a time until it went stiff...
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone know of a Rover V8 engine and Auto box for sale, Need one for a project Thanks
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted aa phone box plans or rough dimentions to build a replica aa phone box.or may buy original ?
  13. Chat
    Anyone got any footage of the '55 'Money Box' racing at Santa Pod? I Just saw 'Gone Bananas' blowing Bob away on the WTF thread and its got me hungry for more! Ah nostalgia!
  14. Tech Discussion
    I was driving home and from the time I pulled away the auto box would not shift beyond 2nd gear. Then after about 5 minutes it shifted to 3rd and was fine for the rest of the drive. I had this happen about 6 months ago also. Any thoughts????
  15. Stuff - FOR SALE
    big block mopar 413&727 box new starter new alternator box has been rebuilt crome rocker boxes £600.00 07984 066848
  16. Stuff - WANTED
    As title, anyone got a good steering column and box for sale? (the nearer to west sussex the better!)
  17. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Chevy engine and auto gearbox. 1969 307 with turbo 350 gearbox, converter and all ancillaries. Edelbrock manifold / 4bbl Edelbrock / MT valve covers / Delco HEI. Currently residing in my '57 and package drives superbly. Please come down, view it and listen for yourself before it gets removed...
  18. Stuff - FOR SALE
    2 litre Fiat Twin Cam Engine and Gearbox.This was removed from a written off car with 35000 miles on clock in 1985.Oil was squirted down the plugholes and it has been turned over often.Has all bits alternator,starter,carb,mountings etc.Gearbox is Abarth type with remote shifter.Good for a Minor...
  19. The Garage
    my anglia...... some years ago i had a plan, build a street fighter 105e, rover power, 5 speed, big i mean BIG! arches and wide wheels......then i went to uni... great nooo money not two pennys to rub :( 3 years later a job what joy :) however it was working/living 40 odd miles from the car...
  20. Stuff - FOR SALE
    2ltr Pinto, 4 speed box Runner everything goes with it carb, Manifolds starter alternator engine mounts, rad and anything else there you what to take, 100 pounds before it goes on Ebay based near Portsmouth