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  1. What, Where, When ?!v=nw4N3oD9upQ Worth a watch. .
  2. On Topic
    Have a look on BBC4 now guys :tup:
  3. The Garage
    new on here and just wnted to show our projects to all
  4. Chat
    Just thought I'd share this with you. As Im sure you all know by now........ There is a monthly Sunday breakfast show / meeting / club or whatever at " The Secret Cafe " at Shooters Hill in Plumstead, S.E.London. Right on my doorstep although I'm ashamed to say I have never actually made the...
  5. History Archive
    This time from '81....'s%20slides%201981/index.html
  6. On Topic
    Halloween ...With Nojive 55, Bigjob Battersea Boys' Stew,and Milt and Redmad... Click here >>>> Takes a few Seconds to load ok .......:tup: Bob…….
  7. On Topic
    :D:D part two
  8. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Tw o Tri-Chevys the Bad Boys were out prowling the black top of south Essex for the first time. 11 DYN is BACK! Marc Lamurde has his 55 up and running sounded awesome. Also John Dewey and Yvettes incredible black 57 complete with Lenco Gearbox was out. Words do not discripe that machine. They...
  9. History Archive
    Hello. A VIP asked if I could repost this thread from the "other" side. Apologies to those who have seen it. Pic 1, Outside Daryles house where I bought the 57. Pic 2, At the docks in New York waiting for a boat to Blighty. Pic 3, Visiting the Queens house. Yes. I know the 57 came from New...
  10. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Never mind the Bollox this is the Tri Chevy Club. Well I feel more welcome in this establishment than the last, decor's a little dark for the older guys but you don't get the folks at the other table castin furtive glances and wispering amongst themselves about getting us kicked out. And if I...
1-10 of 10 Results