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  1. Tech Discussion
    Help please! The car is an Australian Chrysler VE Valiant. This has the 273 cubic inch small block and is more or less a Dodge Dart saloon built under licence in Australia with some local panel changes. Brake master cylinder is a fresh reconditioned unit. VH44 remote brake servo on opposite...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Got a problem with the brake master cylinder on my MK2 Transit. Fluid overflows from the resevoirs and stays full to the very top, it was replaced just over a year ago with this new one because of too much pedal travel and it cured that problem but recently the resevoirs started overflowing. the...
  3. Tech Features
    Hi, I've put a Speedway GM caliper/disc/emergency brake combo on my 9" rear and found this nugget of info to getting a good pedal and handbrake. Never heard of 'gravity' bleeding brakes before!? I ignored the instructions and just bled...
  4. Freebies
    I have quite a lot of new boxed brake pads, I bought a job lot a few years ago and now need the space so all free to collect (but a donation to charity would be nice). These are all Veco part numbers, if unsure check out the Veco website I...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Not sure if you good people can help but I have a 49 pickup with a fatman front and a Jag xj6 rear, the front setup is 2.75" single piston GM3 calipers with - 1 & 11/16" jag rears - I have twin wilwood 7/8" m/cyls on a balance bar plus twin mgb remote servos (servo ratio on these are only...
  6. Freebies
    Halfords HBP333 brake pads poss granada? collect only le9
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Used booster, been told it needs new seals. £50
  8. Tech Discussion
    What measurements are needed to work out a "Good Pedal feeling and efficient brake application Who or what site can help please
  9. Tech Discussion
    Viva HA calipers, hose to caliper thread... Escort rear, hose to wheel cylinder thread... Cheers...
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Ford Zephyr rear brake shoes,NOS?,reconditioned i beleive. Dont know what model there from,have a look and see if there the same as yours! They are the wider size shoe,check the pic below. Price is £17 posted within the UK. Cheers, Chris
  11. Tech Discussion
    Fitted a master cylinder and booster off a toyota surf to my Charger. Bled all the air out of system, connected vacuum pipe from booster to outlet on intake manifold. Brakes work, but pedal fluctuates and brakes hold on at low revs, fitted a non return valve but hasnt made much difference...
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    NOW SOLD! Professionally cleaned (media blasted)will need new seal/handbrake pads. comes with new main pads. Bleed nipples are free. £35.00 buyer collects from emsworth. PM me for contact details Tony
  13. Tech Discussion
    Anyone done a disc brake conversion on a Chevy 10 bolt rear axle using domestic parts? Will be using 15" steel rims, any info gratefully received. Thanks Gotzy
  14. Tech Features
    Hi Guys Trying to gain a bit of room we had to back the booster into the firewall and needed some room yet in the inner fender well. This can be done for other components as well. After mounting the booster to the firewall I mapped out my cut out area for the booster to be able to be removed...
  15. Tech Discussion
    Currently I am not sure what the problem is, I think it may be the parking brake but I am not 100% sure. Since the rebuild was completed, I have only done about 150 miles, over a few trips, when I have got back home, during the process of putting my Vette in the garage, I noticed that there...
  16. Tech Discussion
    hey guys! my drums are in a pretty piss poor state at the moment but i can't seem to get the replacements anywhere at the moment. anyway i'm gonna get them skimmed at my local engineering firm, i'm having them lathe the drums back do i need them to sand/rough them up at all after? thanks guys
  17. Tech Discussion
    What would be the best calipers and rear drums etc that would bolt on to a Cortina mk4 any ideas please. Cheers Andy
  18. Tech Discussion
    here's one for you, the suggestions i made don't seem to have sorted the problem. a mate has about 7 triumphs like mine (triumph 2000), but one of them has developed a strange brake problem. just driving around locally the brakes work fine, the problem is when you get on a dual carraigeway or...
  19. Tech Discussion
    I'm mounting my remote servo out of the engine bay and using two flexible lines to the inner wing..where i will use hard pipe to the m/s and brakes...would this set up be ok or would i be better/safer using the hard pipe at the servo too...The only reason im using the flexi is i had it lyin...
  20. Tech Discussion
    I have been trying to find out what vehicle a master cylinder/ booster was fitted to... its a LOCKHEED 3212 846C 7/8 bore any one got any ideas where i might find out?? been searching online for ages with no luck :( thanks in advance gez