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  1. On Topic finding new ways to shaft the motorist.
  2. History Archive
    just bought a load of early 50s Hot Rod Magazines off ebay and this is in the December 1953 issue :shock:
  3. History Archive
    Hi, just wondering if anyone can list all the 'best in britain 'winners from the old doncaster custom show? cheers. paul
  4. Chat
    Ok stuff the government, the benefit grabbers, the extremists (assholes), why not look at what we do have, after all we have more history in Stratford on Avon then in the whole of the USA (please dont quote me on that). It may be difficult because we are a tiny island with not a lot going on...
  5. History Archive
    Stew and I share a passion for those older pics of American cars in this country when they were daily drivers rather than in enthusiastic hands. There is an excellent book on the subject by Steve Miles who was going to do a second volume but never did. So....Please post up any pics that you may...
1-5 of 5 Results