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    dont no weather this has been bought up before but while i was reading a copie of retro ford about all the mods done to a nice 100e it occured to me that dvla could buy loads of mags,cc, ford, vauxall, retro rides the list goes on, then they could get the reg number and take action, and make us...
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    I'm listening to my local radio station and just noticed that a lot of the advert's are .gov.UK telling me: Repect roadworkers (it's not their fault your in a traffic jam) Respect bin men (sorry,recycling operatives) Split all my rubbish into four different bins but don't overload them or they...
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    Cyber Net Big Brother is watching us I mentioned the words "Metal Coat hanger" in a post and when I clicked back to main page this Ad Came up…….. They pick up on any words …Spooky a...........:shock: Bob…….
1-3 of 3 Results