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    Any of you have this come up on your Pc, Dont worry its not a Virus but it sure looks like one with no Security Certificate I didnt click on it ....:shake: But its about Microsoft's European browser ballot...... theres plenty on it if you do a search...
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    EDIT2 NOTE Please make sure you also pick your option on the poll above as well if you post a message with the feedback. Saves me taking my shoes and socks off to count the responses :tup: Roite then, with the new site coming out I just figured i'd do a poll to get some feedback regarding...
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    I've deleted Google Chrome as it seemd to slow everything down ,especially when clicking on links in emails ( such as getting back here for PMs etc). Now clicking on links in mails does nothing. What do I need to tick / untick to sort it ? I also keep getting messages re which default seach...
1-3 of 3 Results