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    Just ordered a pair of replacement sealed beam headlights for an early Triumph 2000 as one of the low-beam elements had gone and reflectors were shabby on both. Somebody seems to have got mixed up so I've ended up with a pair of later style lights for the grand total of £34 :D No more sealed...
  2. Vehicles - WANTED
    NOW SORTED , THANKS ALL ;) Ok , heres the deal :cool: I'm after a cool daily , open to all definitions of cool just don't be upset if mine is different to yours :D Here's the spec's it needs to meet ; Needs to be able to lug a load , an estate/pick up/van would be ideal (But not a...
  3. On Topic
    You might say a chip off the old block :incheek: .:smoke:
  4. Tech Discussion
    hi all, does anyone know how to build a budget airride system as i was wondering if i could use bits from a range rover as i know it has the system fitted. or do you know anything better suited? & yes i am on an extreme budget so no rayvern kits for me. ta rik :tup...
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    Low budget car Bob……
1-5 of 5 Results