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  1. On Topic
    I'm gonna rope woody76 into helping me with a build this year, just got to decide what! I have a 3.9 V8 and manual box sat here waiting to fitted to something but I am unsure on what would be a good starting project. We both have a lot of car building experience along with body and fabrication...
  2. The Garage
    here is my mk1 2 door ford escort i have been building this car for nearly 2 years and thats as far as i have got so far !!
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    4x single independent axles ,large 100e 4 stud trailer hitch just add metal! voila you have a trailer:D pick up from loughton essex
  4. Licensing and Legal section
    with all the talk of building to BIVA specs, are there any newly built cars by rodshops in the UK being built to BIVA spec or is it considered to hard to meet giving the style customers may require, and how are all these new rods being registered ?
  5. On Topic
    Interesting in that it has 2 'charged engines !! as soon as more pics are updated i will post them in here. but for now. Enjoy :tup: dont have many details about it just yet.. but i will find out for you guys
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Complete list of parts for sale Universal mount anywhere oil and trans cooler with built in fan £50 sold Ford 9” axle, total width across brakes, 43”, brand new 9+ case with new r shafts, new bearings with hot rod ends, 28 spline, LSD (rebuilt at Hausers at great expense) everything new in...
  7. The Garage
    Hi new to this site, been into chops and custom bikes for years but hope to have my first attempt at a rod this year... never too late to start I guess!! I have just about finished the black chop in the pics for some fun as soon as the weather gets better up here in the frozen north! The other...
  8. The Garage
    must have this in the right section surely:lol:. after 7 long years with no garage to speak of, the bank has said yes to a re-morgage and i can finaly start buiding my new home.. i meen garage:tup: my plans were passed almost 3 years ago, ive a big yard (old school play ground)so i stuck plans...
  9. The Shelf
    while ive been waiting for the paint to harden on the comp entry i built this. Its from the remains of an Ala Kart double kit.
  10. The Garage
    I have owned this car for a few years now and am in the process of a complete custom build with it, the car is a 4 door flat top 59 Impala the metal was in good shape when I first looked at the car but the engine and box was completely shot, but I knew what I wanted to do with it so it came home...
  11. The Shelf
    Late as usual, I'm very behind with these, due to er erm, just life & stuff like finishing my garage so I got somewhere to paint them.:shake: This is my MPC sedan. Very rough mock up pics. I removed all the side trim ect. Either gonna replace it with 150 trim or leave it off altogether. Will...
  12. The Garage
    Right then, its been a busy couple of weeks... After speaking to my Stepdad (Pete of Lite Welding Ltd) it was decided it was time to build a car 'for me' rather than buying cars that were done / nearly done and then finishing/changing them to how i wanted them to be. The plan was set I would...
  13. The Shelf
    Ok folks, here's a brief write up of my build up. I haven't built a model for more years than i care to remember so stuck to the stock build category. The model i chose is a 36 Ford coupe. This is my body - part assembled, painted in Pearlescent Blue this is my rolling chassis, pretty much...
  14. On Topic
    I'm posting these on behalf of Keith as he's without a computer at the minute, he finally found them after having a post Christmas clear up. There's a few gaps as he isn't really one for taking photos. Keith's the one with the shiney hair cut, the other bloke's Terry Barrow. This is pretty much...
  15. The Garage
    This is how my car looked when I bought it for £200 in 1987. Bought at 1AM in the rain, one 1972 Pontiac Le Mans Sport, bit rough around the edges but good engine and interior. Car was destined for the scrap yard as the owner at the time did not think it was worth fixing, I took it for an MOT to...
  16. The Garage
    Right, I've finally got off my fat a*se and taken some pics of the pile of bits that I generated over xmas. What we have here is the new engine that is destined for my minor, as I had to sell the viper motor due to lack of work, unemployment etc etc. What we have in the pics is a 460 BBF out of...
  17. On Topic
    Well, me and Nick have been working our socks off on the Slingshot and the dry build is now's some photos for you. Appreciate your comments good and bad. Next step is the rip down, paint polish and chroming then testing within the next six weeks if it ever stops snowing !!!!!!!
  18. The Garage
    I'm not a big fan of the conventional, even when it's in the context of something unconventional. So I fancied the idea of building a slightly different engine. I watched ebay for a while and eventually a Ford 400M came up. No gearbox and it was seized, but I got it for next to nothing. It sat...
  19. The Garage
    Posting these pis on behalf of Tony Lancaster of sunny Carshalton who is in the process of completely rebuilding Steves car. :shock:
  20. The Garage
    Pic build up of our 49 mercury Sweet Marie so named as we bought her from Amarillo Texas. We took delivery 27/Nov/09 Here she is with seller Tim
1-20 of 34 Results