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  1. Chat
    need a bit of advice, im extending my workshop and need to do a concrete base (about 4m square) and was looking at options for the concrete, from experiance does anyone know the most economical way ie do i get somone to do it or hire a mixer and do it myself, cheers
  2. Tech Features
    se5 3 pot calipers,[front] same as some jags so expensive from scappies,but sherpa calipers, nice and cheap at scrappies [front] 4 pot fit straight on and line up perfect, there ya go instant brake upgrade:tup: i know, ya all gonna tell me ya knew allready. i,m getting old gimmie a fuckin...
  3. Chat
    I have a large section of land behind my house which i would like to build a large garage on to accomendate 4 cars and a caravan .Anyone got any ideas what sort of cost ?
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hey People, Been pulling down the the Minors race motor to check it over and as it's an old build it's had all of the crank case painted to seal in any casting sand. It's been painted on all un-machined surfaces including the caps but as it's been on there 30 years it's starting to flake off...
1-4 of 5 Results