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  1. The Garage
    Has anyone here built their own garage? I've read Squeeka's thread and found it very interesting. I am looking for ideas, regarding construction methods eg traditional, wood framed , steel framed and cladding in various materials. My only garage has ever been a Council lock up and a...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Guys and Girls, I'm after either a workshop or some form of car storage facility in the Ipswich area that i can put my project car into and be able to work on it during the inclament weather. Ideally i would like something that i can get access to anytime within reason to work on the car, and...
  3. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    helo im after a part time job in the preston wigan area, 13 yrs general building experiance. 1 day a week or as many as needed, thanks dave
  4. The Shelf
    Is anybody still building a model in the slammer class? My main model is taking all my time up at the moment. but I WILL start the slammer one if other people are building one also. It would be a shame if not as they are quite easy to throw together. R.H.
  5. The Garage
    hi , just thinking it would be nice if all you bike builders would show us your builds , cafe racers to quarter mile bum clenchers. It is nice to other stuff being built and as the sites says all welcome so please don't feel left out post them pictures. cheers vin :tup:
  6. Tech Features
    Hi Folks I shopped around for a brake pedal assembly for this job , but it seemed like I would be just modifying most of it to fit my needs. So as usual I figured I would make one on my own. I started with some 2" wide 1/4" thick flat plate, and 1"1/2 OD round tube with a 1"3/8 ID and for...
  7. Chat
    this happened this weekend, i was told about it at work during a safety brief
  8. The Garage
    I won a competition a while back, and won my self a Yamaha xt125. well... kinda. (quite a few things missing) picked it up 21/3/09. and been playing with it since. have some pics :) as it was waiting for me to pick it up: and after I played with it a little: and the two projects: and...
  9. Chat
    I dont know if this has already been posted? worth a look if not. Full story here
  10. The Garage
    Thought I would share the build up of my little Kawasaki 550 bobber project. This is the bike as purchased last week. After the stripdown With Harley front wheel and back of frame cut off. I have also knocked up a jig to use when I cut the whole of the rear of the frame off to...
  11. Freebies
    I have a lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP engine. I 'tidied it up' off a site I was on, only problem is I have no grass to mow. Anybody wants it they can take it away, before I weigh it in. It might even make a lawnmower, aluminium body with an 18" blade. Located in Yam Yam land
  12. Chat
    I was riding around today and noticed how so many are allowed to extend their houses and know of others that arnt allowed. Dont set me off on that but I was thinking of making the loft into a room for when my son comes home as his room is tiny, but it would mean putting the staircase in his room...
  13. The Garage
    :smoke: hi thought id post a piccy of a pop im making for a friend. .hope u like it so far ,. its currently being prep and painted etc cheers again.. 450hp chevy ,9inch ,cds tube frame fordson opening screen conversion, flush fit filler cap etc 3 bar grill ,early bumpers shortened...
1-13 of 13 Results