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  1. Chat
    A while ago i was down the local boozer,this geezer comes up to me and says are you the bloke that has the hotrods,yes says i. he goes on to say that he is building a gt40 for his retirement,very nice i say, he says a mate of his had given him a fully rebuilt 460 which is in his garage, very...
  2. On Topic
    Hi all, this is a short video of Mark Bull's 32 after fitting a Holley 390 to it, mark is so chuffed with it he now wants to MOT it! Wickham Square Boxing day here we come!! :tup: if this is in the wrong section then please move...cheers
  3. Chat
    Need to talk to him about a Minor wing I have in my garage with his name on.
1-3 of 3 Results